Book 3: Special Tactical Units Division

Declan Sanchez was a SEAL. Now he’s a STUD warrior. At six feet two inches, Dec is hard-bodied, tough and smart. He’s a man who always goes after what he wants—and gets it.

Annie Stanton is beautiful and shy. She’s also the first woman Dec’s ever wanted and not bedded. Annie wants him too. But she’s inexperienced and he senses that rushing her would be a mistake. Dec will wait until she’s ready. He’ll do anything for the woman he’s starting to think of as his Annie.

Then, without warning, Annie disappears from Dec’s life. The next time he sees her she’s not Annie Stanton anymore. She’s Princess Anoushka of the Kingdom of Qaram. Dec is furious at how she’s deceived him. He’s determined to forget her, but that’s hard to do—especially when, weeks later, it turns out that the only man who can save Annie from becoming the unwilling bride of a brutal dictator is Lieutenant Declan Sanchez and a raiding party of tough, combat-hardened STUDs.

This sexy, exciting book is the third in Sandra Marton’s exciting STUD series.

Warning! You’re about to meet the heroes of your dreams!