The Wildes Boxed Set

The Wildes Boxed Set

Five Complete Novels

Five hot, exciting, bestselling full-length novels about the Wilde family of Texas.

Emily Wilde (Sex & Sensibility) is swept off her feet by a self-made billionaire and then finds herself trapped in a web of lies.

Jaimie (Fire & Ice) will find passion in the arms of a tough Special Ops soldier who’s determined to make it all about sex and not about emotion.

Lissa (Sugar & Spice) has sworn off men – until she falls for a Hollywood movie star who’s in hiding from the world.

And then there are the brothers Luca and Matteo (Pride and Passion). Their last name is Bellini. They’re gorgeous, hard-edged Sicilian billionaires. To their shock, they’re about to discover that they are also Wildes – and that they were completely wrong in thinking that love was all about deception.