Welcome to my new website!

Hello, and welcome to my  very first blog post on my brand new website.

Summer’s come and now it’s almost gone—and I have a confession to make.

I haven’t done much writing these past few months.

The last book I wrote was The F-Word. I loved every minute I spent with my characters, Matthew and Bailey. I loved writing in the first person—The F-Word was Matthew’s story. I loved the entire experience, and then I took a couple of weeks off, as I usually do. My husband and I went for long drives along the quiet, woods-and-field lined roads here in Southern New England. We stopped at charming little restaurants for dinner. We visited friends and family. We even went on a Caribbean cruise.

In other words, we had a lovely, quiet time together. Then I sat down at my computer, ready to start my next book.

And nothing happened.

Well, that’s not quite true.

Something happened.

Three different stories sprang to life in my head plus, of course, the one I’d intended to write after The F-Word. So I had four storylines and eight main characters in the room with me because that’s how it feels, when the people I’ve created come to life in my head. It’s as if they’re right there in my office, saying, “Well, when are you going to tell our stories?” But four couples and four storylines are three couples and three storylines too many. I’m the kind of writer who can only concentrate on one book, one couple at a time.

I did begin each book. I wrote four first chapters. And then I guess I just froze.  I turned my attention elsewhere. That was easy to do. I mean, I have a husband I love like crazy, a son I adore, two grandkids who are the joys of my life, plus I have a house that can always use attention (new floors, this time, and some new furniture) and we’re on a fairly large piece of property that’s also home to songbirds and hawks and foxes and other assorted wildlife, and I love to spend time watching them all.

Not that I didn’t also deal with business.

I found a wonderful new cover designer and she did a bunch of great new covers for my Wilde Saga books—those covers will help readers see that the books are linked.  Check them out on this beautiful new site and you’ll see what I mean.

I found an equally wonderful new web designer. She’s incredibly creative. This site is her handiwork.

But I didn’t do the thing I’ve always done. I didn’t sit down at the computer every day, put my fingers on the keys, and work.

Maybe it wasn’t just having four different stories in my head. Maybe it was just that a lot of family stuff had been happening all around me for a while—it’s all good now—and I needed a break.

Whatever it was, the break turned out to be an excellent thing. I’d like to call it an excellent idea, but I didn’t plan it. It just happened. And it was for the best, because…ta da…I’m back! I’ve picked out one story to write, or maybe it’s closer to the truth to say it picked me. I hope you’ll love it when it’s finally finished.

And my deepest thanks to all of you who’ve written to ask when my next book will be published. It means a lot to know you’ve been thinking of me.